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This emulated version of Doom supports persistent save data,
so you can save your game and then return to this page later to continue it.

W - Forwards ----- S - Backwards ----- A - Strafe left ----- D - Strafe right
LEFT ARROW - Turn left ----- RIGHT ARROW - Turn right
SPACEBAR - Fire ----- F - Open door ----- SHIFT - Run ----- ALT - Strafe

Use full screen mode to play with the mouse:
LEFT CLICK - Fire ----- MIDDLE CLICK - Forwards ----- RIGHT CLICK - Strafe

CTRL+F12 - Increase emulation speed ----- CTRL+F11 - Decrease emulation speed



Just type these cheat codes while you're in a level. There is no console or chat box to enter them into.

IDCLEVem - Warp to episode e, map m (only episode 1 is available here)
IDDQD - God mode - invincibility
IDKFA - All weapons, full ammo, health and armour, and all keys
IDFA - All weapons and full ammo, health and armour (without keys)
IDBEHOLDR - Radiation suit
IDBEHOLDA - Computer map
IDBEHOLDI - Invisibility
IDBEHOLDV - Invulnerability
IDBEHOLDS - Berserk pack
IDSPISPOPD - No clipping - pass through walls, doors, etc.
IDDT - Change level of detail shown on automap

IDMYPOS - Show your coordinates
IDMUSem - Change to music track from episode e, map m (crashes this shareware version)




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